The Meaning of Rose Colors

The Meaning of Rose Colors

Roses have a long and colorful history. From the whitest whites to the deepest reds, roses, come in almost any color your heart desires. Besides their aesthetic beauty each rose color carries with it a meaning. So, if you’re having difficulty conveying your message through words then try giving a bouquet of roses. Let’s take a look at the top 14 most popular rose colors and what they mean to us.

The Meaning of Red Roses

Red roses are definitely the most plentiful and popular roses around. Its symbolism, which is steeped in romance and passion, is recognized in many different cultures throughout the world. Even the various shades of a red rose can make all the difference in the message you are trying to convey. For example, Roses with a deep red hue shouldn’t be given merely as a casual gift. The luxurious deep red hue symbolizes the depth of love you feel for the receiver. A deep red rose is the perfect way of saying “I love You Always” without actually saying it.  While lighter red hues symbolize a less intense love and can be given in more casual situations.

Popular Red Roses:

Freedom Roses

Black Magic Roses

Black Baccara Roses

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The Meaning of White Roses

White Roses are a symbol of purity, honesty, innocence, and beginnings. That’s the reason they are so often used in wedding ceremonies where the couple is embarking on a new life journey together. White roses are also a great gift for someone beginning a new stage in life like a new job. A bouquet of white roses is the perfect way of saying “good luck”.

Popular White Roses:

White Avalanche Roses

White Vuvuzela Roses

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The Meaning of Ivory Roses

Ivory Roses are not quite white or cream. They symbolize sophistication, intelligence, and aesthetic beauty. Ivory roses are great flowers to give to someone sophisticated who has an appreciation for the finer things in life. They’ll also add the element of elegance to any bouquet.

Popular Ivory Roses:

Leonora Garden Roses

Vendela Roses


The Meaning of Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses are bright and vibrant and symbolize joy and happiness. They are a great gift for a friend or someone you care about without having to worry about any of the romantic implications which other flowers may carry. They are also great for self-care. So, if you’re looking for something to brighten your day, then yellow roses are the way to go.

Popular Yellow Roses:

Rose Brighton

Rose High & Exotic

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The Meaning of Orange Roses

Orange roses evoke a sense a warmth and security. They are perfect for someone who is experiencing a stressful time in their life and are in need of some comfort. Orange roses also symbolize healing both physically and spiritually. They make a great “get well soon” gift and are sure to bring about a warm smile on the recipient.

Popular Orange Roses

Rose Confidential

Rose Tabasco

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The Meaning of Peach Roses

Peach roses symbolize calmness and serenity. If you or your loved one is experiencing a tumultuous time in life peach roses are the way to go. Peach is also a disarming color and is perfect for breaking the ice on a first date or given as a dinner party gift.

Popular Peach Roses:

Rose Alchemy

Rose Peach Avalanche

Vieal All Peach Roses


The Meaning of Pink Roses

Pink roses are used to convey a sense of youth and playfulness. Friends, family, and significant others can give them to one another for almost any old reason. They are also a great gift for “just because” situations. Pink roses are a perfect lighthearted gift.

Popular Pink Roses:

Rose Aqua

Rose Pink Expression

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The Meaning of Lavender Roses

Lavender roses add a splash of color to any tablescape. Lavender Roses are a versatile rose and are great for both casual and intimate events.  They represent femininity & grace. This soft pastel rose is a great gift for any person in your life. Lavender roses also represent devotion but not necessarily romantic devotion. These roses are also great for weddings and other events.

Popular Lavender Roses

Rose Tiara

Rose Nautica

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The Meaning of Purple Roses

Purple roses are perfect way to show respect and reverence. Purple is the color of royalty and by giving purple roses you are showing the recipient that you hold them in high regard. They are a great gift to give to someone that you love and respect.

Popular Purple Roses

Rose Ascot

Rose Blueberry

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The Meaning of Hot Pink Roses

Hot pink roses symbolize sweetness and light hearted romance. If you are just getting to know that special someone and are finding that they are on your mind then hot pink roses are the way to go. Great when given on the second or third date.

Popular Hot Pink Roses

Rose Tacazzi

Rose Cherry O

The Meaning of Green Roses

Green roses or roses that are tinted green symbolize nature and new beginnings. They are great when given as a baby gift and are also great for that nature lover in your life. Green roses have a fresh look and are perfect for gracing a brunch table.

Popular Green Roses

Rose Super Green

Rose Camouflage

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The Meaning of Cream Roses

Cream color roses symbolize devotion and humility. These off white roses make the perfect gift for someone you have been in a serious relationship with for a long period of time like a spouse or significant other. Cream roses are also a wonderful conciliatory rose to be given after a quarrel between lovers.

Popular Cream Roses

Rose Blizzard

Rose Vendela

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The Meaning of Light Pink Roses

Light pink roses are a symbol of playfulness, admiration, femininity, and young love. If you are young or feel young and are in love give light pink roses to that special someone. Show the people in your life how much you respect and admire them with a bouquet of light pink roses. Also, they’re a fine way of giving your final respects to someone in your life.

Popular Light Pink Roses

Rose Lazise

Rose Sweet Avalanche


The Meaning of Mauve Roses

Mauve roses symbolize inspiration and creativity. These roses are exceedingly popular among brides and are a perfect fit for a mauve and dusty rose color scheme. Keep these roses around the house to be inspired.

Popular Mauve Roses

Rose Cappuccino