Dried and Painted Flowers


The demand and popularity for dried and painted flowers has grown significantly over the past few years. Here are a couple of reasons why:


Thanks in part to pop icons like model Kate Moss and actress Sienna Miller the Boho chic look has made a lasting impact on pop culture’s style preferences. Drawing influence from bohemian and hippie styles, Boho Chic is chock full of natural colors and textures. Dried flowers are perfect for the Boho Chic look because of their natural looking earth tones and feathery textures. Great examples of this would be bleached ruscus and asparagus plumosa. Bleached ruscus has an extremely light beige tone and a delicate, almost fragile like texture. Asparagus plumosa is another example of Boho chic florals. Soft and feathery to the touch, this whimsical fern has tons of colors to choose from and is the quintessential Boho filler flower.

Staying Power

Fresh cut flowers are perishable. Depending on the flowers and their quality, your window for enjoying those blooms is limited. However painted and dried flowers have a much longer shelf life. While not necessarily preserved, painted flowers will outlast non painted by a significant amount of time. The reason painted flowers last longer is that the process of painting the flowers seals in moisture that an otherwise non painted flower would naturally release. This moisture keeps the flower alive and fresh for an extended period. Dried flowers are exposed to different chemical compositions which remove and replace the naturally occurring biological elements which would normally cause the flower to wither and decompose. What does this all mean? Well, it means that with the proper care your dried wedding bouquet can be around to show your grandchildren. So, if you want unique flowers that will last longer than your honeymoon then using dried flowers are your best bet.

So, if you are looking for something unique and love the BOHO chic look  then incorporating dried and painted flowers into your designs is a great idea and can bring your arrangement to a whole new level. 

Below you’ll find some of our most popular dried and painted flowers.