D.I. Why Not?

D. I. Why Not?

The floral portion of wedding planning can be one of the most stressful. You’ve had these vivid images in your mind of how you want your wedding flowers to look on your special day. Style, color, texture all need to be in sync with the rest of wedding. Not an easy task but very doable. And whether you choose the traditional floral designer to arrange your flowers or decide to arrange on them on your own, cost and budgeting will play a major role.

However, it’s your day and you have been dreaming about it since you were a child so how can you skimp on such an important life event? The answer is that you no longer have to. You can now afford the flowers you have always wanted. Just one caveat: you’ll need to arrange the flowers yourself. On the surface DIY’ing your own wedding flowers may seem too complex and tedious for you to be concerned with so close to your wedding day. We’re here to tell you it’s not and that by DIY’ing your own arrangements you can make your special day even more memorable than you had initially anticipated.

Flower Knowledge.

Don’t have any flower arranging knowledge? No problem. PetalDriven has a team of in house floral designers to assist you throughout the entire process. Not to mention that there are literally thousands of free floral arranging tutorials out there to teach you how to properly arrange flowers. Our favorite places to find instructional videos to watch are, YouTube & Vimeo. You can choose from hundreds of instructors that match your style and taste. Some of our favorites are:

Making Memories.

What could be better than bonding over flowers? DIY’ing your own arrangements is not just about saving money it’s also about bringing your wedding party closer together for your special day. You can do this by including them in the arranging process. It’s a fun and intimate way to have your family and friends feel like they had a real part in making your wedding day special.

Saving Money.

Budgeting for your wedding is so incredibly important. However, budgeting doesn’t need to mean compromising on the floral look you really want. The average cost for wedding flowers is around $1,500 for 10 floral arrangements. A good portion of that cost is the design labor. Yet, unless your designs are extremely intricate you may want to put that money into your own pocket and arrange your flowers yourself. You’ll save between 50% & 75% on your flower costs. That’s another 2-3 nights on your honeymoon!

This article is written with the intention of dispelling the myth that flower arranging is a skill limited to professional flower designers. Yes, flower designers are important and some are incredibly skilled artisans. But they are a luxury and not a necessity. Here’s the bottom line: if you can follow a recipe on your own to create a delicious meal you can also arrange flowers on your own to create your perfect wedding flower arrangements.