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Flower: Roses (Rosa)

Variety: ROSE CAPPUCCINO 50cm Per Stem

Color: .

What can we say about roses? A timeless classic, the sky’s the limit with possibilities for our hundreds of varieties of beautiful farm fresh roses. Try bunching them together in a French pavè style for a classic bridal bouquet, or pair them with Hydrangeas, Stock, Viburnum, Cymbidium Orchid Blooms, Astilbe and Lilac for a Garden Style centerpiece that is sure to please!

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Your flowers will arrive in a floral box, wrapped up in a protective paper or plastic sleeve. Once you open the box:

  • First unwrap the flowers and give them some room to breathe. They’ve just made a long trip so don’t worry if they look like they’re a little sleepy- just think of how you would feel after getting off an international flight!
  • Have a bucket or vase with a few inches of water ready, and remove any foliage on the stems that might fall below the water line.
  • The next step is to cut the stems with floral shears or a sharp knife about 1 inch from the bottoms. It’s always best to cut them at an angle, so that the flowers have even more space to drink from- water is their best friend!
  • Then, simply place them in the water, and keep them indoors in a cool, dry place away from any heaters, air conditioning drafts, or direct sunlight and you’re ready to go! We recommend allowing the flowers to hydrate for at least 4-6 hours before starting to work with them, but the more time the better- typically our customers have their flowers arrive a few days prior to their event in order to give them the opportunity to hydrate and start to open so they can look perfect for showtime!

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