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Here at we pride ourselves on sourcing our blossoms direct from the farm and getting them in the hands of our customers. But in the age of DIY everything, we know that nothing beats a true professional.

We know how tough it is to run a flower business in today’s culture, which is why we want our clients to be able to connect with someone who can turn their flower dreams into a reality.


  • Custom Profile to showcase your talent with photos and text
  • Connect to your social media profiles and website from within our site
  • Special member-only wholesale pricing
  • Free overnight shipping on orders over $150
  • The ability to set your own prices while getting feedback about other comparable professionals in the marketplace
  • Feature reviews and ratings from verified clients
  • Connect with other professionals to share tips and experiences in our forums
  • Much more!

Ready to get all the benefits we offer?

Signing up is free as we establish our presence in the floral community. Get in on the ground floor and help us build our network of professional and freelance designers and you’ll experience all of the benefits of being a Driven Designer without any of the cost.