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All seasons are a metamorphoses of nature but the drastic transformation that happens when fall comes the round is truly incredible! The change most clearly reveals itself in the natural color pallet and textures. From the coarse texture of the green coniferous trees to the striking deep reds and bright yellows of the maple leaves…the fall tapestry is stunning. Fall is the perfect season to incorporate your surroundings into wedding floral design and it’s so simple to do so.

Yes, you can simply type in a search on Google for fall and take your inspiration from there. But this is the most important day of your life so why not make it as special as possible. That’s why, when planning for this special event, we suggest taking a more personal approach.

Try this: Start by closing your eyes and thinking about fall. Now, notice all the images the season conjures up.
Trees and leaves are probably the most common things associated with this season. What do you see?

When we asked our staff to try this exercise the top five images, along with their colors and textures, were:
1. Maple Trees – Browns & Dark Yellows – Rough & Coarse
2. Leaves – Reds & Yellows – Smooth & Glossy
3. Turkey – Browns & Oranges – Soft & Plump
4. Pumpkins – Browns & Oranges – Smooth & Ridged
5. Pine Cones – Browns & Greens – Dry & Gritty

Now, pay attention to the color scheme and textures in those mental images. Select five colors along with five textures and jot them down on a piece of paper.You have now developed your own, personal, color palette for you to reference when choosing your flowers.




Finally the really fun part…choosing your flowers! No matter what your style preference, fall is bursting with flower options.

Here are some of our fall favorites:

Some more of our fall favorites: